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Have you ever worried whether the home insurance policy you were buying covers your needs? If you have, PolicyCastle is for you.

PolicyCastle helps you chose the right policy.

Quick – we can provide you with an initial quote in 1 minute and a full quote in 5 minutes.

Straightforward – on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC, or by telephone, PolicyCastle provides you with the answers to the “What if?” questions.

Save time

Get an initial quote in 1 minute, using information you provide and public data. Refine your quote and buy in 5 minutes. You can return to your account whenever you want, to amend your details or make a claim.

Good value not false economy

Find and understand the optimal cover for your circumstances, and how you can reduce your risks to reduce your premiums. Our sophisticated workflow technology and genetic algorithms do the work for you.


Understand your cover and your risks and get the best from your insurance – our website and our team provide you with answers to your questions.


Receive information relevant to you, such as storm warnings, with timely suggestions of how to protect your loved ones and your property.