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Insurance for working from home:

Public liability cover up to £2,000,000

Home office equipment covered as standard

Discount for combined buildings and contents cover

Home emergency and legal expenses cover

If you run a business from your home, that involves more than clerical work on a computer, some standard insurers may not want to cover your property. 

So it is important that if you are working from home your home is insured with a policy that covers the specific risks; for instance you will need public liability cover. Trying to cover your home with a standard home insurance policy could lead to a claim being rejected by the insurer.

PolicyCastle’s panel of insurers wants to protect specialist risks, and does cover working from home if you specify it when you get a quote.

Why do some insurers have a problem with working from home?

  1. Working at home may introduce significantly different risks in the home to just living there, for example you may have some expensive business equipment, or stock.

  2. You may have flammable materials or potentially dangerous tools of your trade.

  3. If you have business visitors then there may be an increased risk of theft or damage.

  4. If you have business visitors you will need cover in case your visitors have an accident in your property; this is called public liability cover.

If your current insurer is going to continue your cover, or an alternative insurer is going to take you on as a new customer, you may need to notify them of:

  1. How many visitors do you have to your home on average per week?

  2. Does your property meet minimum security in regard to approved door and window locks?

  3. Do you hold any stock, or money, or tools of trade at your home in relation to your business?

  4. Is there anyone employed in relation to your business?

  5. You may be asked if you have a separate entrance for your visitors or whether they have access to the whole of your property.

Most insurers will not cover you in regard to any professional advice or service you give, or anything you supply in relation to your business. You should have separate business liability in place to cover you for this.  Theft and attempted theft will normally be restricted to forced and violent entry to and exit from the home and your insurer will likely remove accidental damage cover if there are visitors at the home.


What is the definition of working from home?


If you are doing only clerical type work and do not have any business visitors to your home, you should declare that you are working from home but it is likely that your home can be covered under a standard policy. However childminding, tuition, yoga classes, counselling, and music tuition would all be classed as working from home, as would work that involves storing stock at home. Working from an outbuilding would usually be classed as working from home if the outbuilding is covered under your home insurance.

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