Privacy and data policy

This Privacy and Data Policy deals with how we and others may use your data and contact you.

How do we handle your personal information?
Protecting your information is very important to us. PolicyCastle has security measures in place which are considered appropriate to the nature of the information and the harm that might result from a breach of security. For your protection we will also:

  • take reasonable endeavours to ensure that any information about you is accurate and kept up to date
  • not keep your information for longer than is necessary or as required by law
  • process your information in accordance with your rights under the Data Protection Act 1998
Recording of Calls
Telephone calls with us will be recorded for training and quality purposes.
What information do we hold and how do we obtain it?
We may receive information about you from any of the following sources:

  • directly from you or your authorised representatives when you or your representative obtains a quote, incepting, renewing or amending a policy or making a claim. This information will consist of the following:
    • all information, including all personal and sensitive information (sensitive information may include previous convictions) that is provided to us when completing an application for a quote for any insurance policy;
    • details of all previous quotes for insurance requested from us
    • details of all policies held with us including dates of purchase, lapse and cancellation
    • details of claims on policies held with us
    • your payment history relating to policies held with us and
    • the length of time you have been a customer with us.
  • from third parties such as credit reference or debt collection agencies (e.g. your credit rating); and
  • from insurers, witnesses, third parties and solicitors (e.g. accident details).
What do we use your information for and who do we disclose it to?
We will use the information about you for the following purposes:
  • to assess your application or renewal for an insurance quote;
  • to submit your application to either one insurer or our panel of insurers to enable us to provide you with a quote or multiple quotes as applicable;
  • to assess your financial standing;
  • to confirm your identity;
  • to verify the information provided;
  • to administer and maintain your insurances;
  • to assist you with claims and enquiries;
  • to maintain your insurance records with insurers;
  • to tell you about other insurance and related products and offers;
  • to share with other carefully selected parties for these purposes;
  • to enable us to conduct market research and statistical analysis to help us understand your insurance buying preferences; and
  • to facilitate our quality and compliance monitoring.

Your information may be disclosed to the police in response to a request and other bodies in response to legislative/court orders.
You should also be aware that:
We and most of the insurers we deal with have a sharing of information agreement to prevent fraud. Whenever you arrange your insurance through us, this will be on the basis that you agree to your claims information being passed onto the Claim Underwriting Exchange. To help prevent fraudulent claims, we and your insurer exchange information with other insurers through various databases. Also to help detect people who break the law by not having insurance, your insurer will supply details of your motor insurance to a database which can be accessed by the police or other insurers.
What are your rights?
Under the Data Protection Act 1998 you have certain rights in relation to the information we hold about you:

You may request, by writing to the address below, details of the information that we hold about you. Details will be provided to you within 40 days of us receiving your request.
Contact/address details
1 Canada Square,
E14 5AB