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Holiday home insurance:

Public liability cover up to £2,000,000

Liability to domestic staff up to £10,000,000

No requirement for weekly inspections

Loss of rent and alternative accommodation

Home emergency and legal expenses cover

If you are looking to get insurance for a holiday home, then you will find that many insurers will not want to cover it. But PolicyCastle’s panel of insurers wants to protect specialist risks, and does cover holiday homes.

Why do some insurers have a problem with holiday homes?

  • Holiday homes are at greater risk because they aren’t lived in all the time, and so damage or a break-in may go undetected for weeks, possibly increasing the value of a claim.

  • If you rent out your holiday home, the contents may not be treated by tenants as you would like – so there is an increased risk of damage.

  • If you rent out your holiday home you will need cover in case your tenants have an accident in your property; this is called public liability cover.

So it is important that holiday homes are insured with a policy that covers their specific risks; for instance you will need public liability cover. Trying to cover a holiday home with a standard home insurance policy could lead to a claim being rejected by the insurer.


What is the definition of a holiday home?

A holiday home is one that may be empty for long periods. You may let your holiday home to short term tenants when you are not using it.



As with any home, if a problem can be discovered early then major damage can be prevented. Inspecting your holiday home regularly is important. If you have a cleaner come into the property between tenants they can do this for you, and you should make an inspection when you are living in the property. 

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“Holiday” home or “second” home – is there a difference?

People lucky enough to have another home as well as their main home can refer to it in different ways.


Spot the signs of damage inside your home

You need to be able to spot signs of damage to your home as soon as possible, before it becomes a big problem.


Contents insurance – things to think about

Most, though not all, contents sections of home insurance policies have a fixed limit on the cover they provide.


Are you covered for help around your home?

About a third of homes in Britain employ someone to help with domestic jobs, such as cleaning or gardening.


How secure is your home?

Crime including theft and attempted theft at the home unfortunately is on the increase, with a rise of 7.8% of theft incidences from January 2016 to January 2017.