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Non-standard home insurance:

All property types considered

Alternative accommodation cover

Discount for combined buildings and contents cover

Up to £500,000 rebuild cover under Buildings insurance

If your home is built from non-standard materials then your property may be at greater risk of damage, or have an increased rebuild cost compared to homes made from standard materials. For this reason, many mainstream insurers won’t cover non-standard construction homes. PolicyCastle’s panel of insurers wants to protect specialist risks, and does cover non-standard construction homes. 

It is important that you provide the right details about your property so that we can help you find the right cover. Sometimes a house may look like it is made from bricks, but these are just a façade covering other materials. If you in doubt, then your mortgage documents may provide more information, or you could ask a qualified surveyor to survey your home.

What is a non-standard construction property?

Standard construction is generally regarded as walls made from brick or stone, and roofs made from tile or slate.

Materials regarded as non-standard include:

Aluminium, Asbestos, Concrete, Corrugated Iron, EPDM, Fibreglass, Glass, Plastic, Pre-fab, Shingle, Timber, Wattle and daub




Maintenance of non-standard construction homes can be an ongoing task; catching a problem early means that it can be fixed before more serious damage is caused. Heating a non-standard home may be expensive, so having an annual boiler service may well save money, as well as improving insulation with lagging in the loft and double glazing on windows.

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Spot the signs of damage inside your home

You need to be able to spot signs of damage to your home as soon as possible, before it becomes a big problem.


The building bricks, how to be covered whilst works are in progress

Looking to do some improvements or renovations to your property? Whether the works require you to vacate your property or not, always advise your insurer prior to the works beginning. Be prepared to have a Schedule of Works to hand, showing full details of the works to be carried out.


Victim of burglary? What should you do?

Hopefully your home will never be burgled. It is a horrible experience, and expensive; the average cost of a burglary in the UK, including damage to property and stolen property, is well over £2,000.


Insure the rebuild value of your home, not the market value

Do you insure your home for its market value? If so you may be paying too much premium because it’s the rebuilding cost which should be the amount you insure.