Why choose us for your home insurance


The PolicyCastle affiliate program is designed for website owners that are looking to earn money from their site and develop a digital partnership with the UK’s most innovative digital insurance broker.

We are focused on home insurance products and are interested in topics relevant to protecting homes, such as home security and damage prevention, and getting the best value insurance. If your website has content that is relevant to these topics, then please apply to join the PolicyCastle Affiliate program.

You can learn more about PolicyCastle from our About Us page.

Benefits of the PolicyCastle affiliate program

We will track the referrals from your website to us and compensate you for advertising our products on a share of commission basis. We believe our compensation levels are higher than any of our broker competitors. Timely reporting, sales tracking and technical support. Easy to install text links and banner ads for your site and/or email campaigns. Dedicated PolicyCastle affiliate team to support you. Signing up to be a PolicyCastle affiliate is fast, straightforward and free.

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