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Building an Insurance Broker as smart as your phone

Insurance provides a huge benefit to us all, but most people dislike buying it.

Why the dislike?

1. Because most insurance policies are not transparent, and so it is difficult to understand what we are buying. Which means that if we have to make a claim, we don’t always receive what we expect, particularly if our risks are not the same as the average.

2. Because if we don’t make a claim, we don’t experience any service for our money, just a request for another premium when our policy is due to expire.

3. Because insurers often focus on cheapness rather than good value for money. They know that customers understand a low price, but again this doesn’t always work well if our risks are not the same as the average.

As a result, the insurance industry’s relationship with customers can feel a bit adversarial.

Edmund and Kristian set up PolicyCastle as a new service to address these problems for the millions of customers who aren’t average.

Before PolicyCastle, Edmund advised banks and insurance companies on corporate deals. Kristian built responsive software for banks’ and insurers’ customers to use on their smartphones.

In 2015, they saw an opportunity to build a business that provides a better service to customers, and to insurance companies. In 2016 they started developing PolicyCastle as a digital insurance broker, and in 2017 they launched PolicyCastle – starting with home insurance.

PolicyCastle is designed to provide a quick, transparent and ongoing service to customers, on their smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs or on the telephone. That enables customers to buy insurance that provides the cover that they need.

PolicyCastle’s technology system is designed so that customers can be treated as individuals.

That means our algorithms can provide customers with an explanation of what they are buying, so they can take a decision about what is the best value for them. We provide customers with an ongoing service through the year, with information about topics including weather, crime, and home security – if they are relevant to the customer.

Relevant information means that our customers can take actions to prevent damage and loss to their property. That helps them, and it helps their insurers. PolicyCastle will provide aggregate data to insurers about what our customers need, that will enable the insurers to provide innovative insurance products and improve the claims experience.

The next five years promises to bring great developments in artificial intelligence and connected home technology. These will be of huge benefit to customers. PolicyCastle will use artificial intelligence to enable customers to compare insurance policies against multiple criteria. Connected home technology will allow customers to improve their security and prevent damage to their homes.

PolicyCastle’s platform will allow customers to integrate their connected home devices with their insurance policies, to achieve significant savings on their premiums.

Edmund Dilger and Kristian Feldborg

Edmund Dilger

Edmund Dilger


I am responsible for PolicyCastle’s key relationships - with our customers, our insurer partners, our regulator the Financial Conduct Authority, and our marketing affiliates. Before setting up PolicyCastle I worked for 16 years in financial services in the City. My wife and I have been married since 2003 and we have 4 children.

Kristian Feldborg

Kristian Feldborg

Co-Founder and CTO

Kristian is responsible for the development of our technology platform. Kristian has developed financial services applications for 15 years and also co-founded www.justcompare.ca and www.vesuviois.com. Prior to that he set up and managed the R&D centre that spun off www.fenergo.com.


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